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Created June 27, 2013 06:51
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Extract English subtitle text for WWDC 2013 videos.
import requests
import os, re, sys
RE_SD_VIDEO = re.compile(
r'<a href="([^"]*')
RE_WEBVTT = re.compile(r'fileSequence[0-9]+\.webvtt')
# stdin: dump of
for l in sys.stdin:
m =
if not m:
video_url =
video_dir = video_url[:video_url.rindex('/')]
session = video_dir[video_dir.rindex('/') + 1:]
prog_index = requests.get(video_dir + '/subtitles/eng/prog_index.m3u8')
webvtt_names = RE_WEBVTT.findall(prog_index.text)
for webvtt_name in webvtt_names:
webvtt = requests.get(video_dir + '/subtitles/eng/' + webvtt_name)
open(os.path.join(session, webvtt_name), 'w').write(webvtt.text)
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How could I extract wwdc 2012 or older subtitles?

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