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Created Apr 26, 2015
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Prevent git commits that miss files included in a LaTeX project
# Git pre-commit hook to look for untracked files mentioned in the LaTeX and BibTeX logs.
# Fail if any are found. Note that this is not foolproof, as included .tex files
# not generating any errors or warnings may not be mentioned in the log.
# Goes in file .git/hooks/pre-commit under the repository root.
# Nathan Schneider (, 2015-02-26
# Adapted from
. git-sh-setup # for 'die' cmd
git status --porcelain | while IFS= read -r line;
if [[ $line == \?\?* ]] ; then # if the file begins with ?? it's untracked by git
if [[ `fgrep "/$fname" tmp/*.log` || `fgrep "$fname" tmp/*.blg` ]] ; then
die "Uncommited files left! $fname" # this will always terminate commit
# say "Uncommited files left!" # this will just print the warning
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