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Custom validation of Django inline formset
class ProductAutochangeInlineFormSet(
forms.inlineformset_factory(ProductAutochangeSet, ProductAutochange, form=ProductAutochangeForm, extra=1)):
def clean(self):
super(ProductAutochangeInlineFormSet, self).clean()
product_pks = []
num_productautochanges = 0
for form in self.forms:
if not form.is_valid():
if form.cleaned_data and not form.cleaned_data.get('DELETE'):
num_productautochanges += 1
if form.cleaned_data["product"].pk in product_pks:
form.add_error("product", "Product {} cannot be autochanged multiple times.".format(
if num_productautochanges < 1:
raise ValidationError("At least one product autochange needs to be defined.")
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