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Synology Bitwarden_rs Websocket setup without SSH
if [ ! -f $LOC_DIR/ws.locations ]; then
echo """
location /notifications/hub {
proxy_pass http://localhost:$3;
proxy_set_header Upgrade \$http_upgrade;
proxy_set_header Connection "upgrade";
location /notifications/hub/negotiate {
proxy_pass http://localhost:$2;
""" >> $LOC_DIR/ws.locations
if ! grep -q "ws.locations" /etc/nginx/app.d/server.ReverseProxy.conf; then
sed -i "/$1;/ a\ include $LOC_DIR/ws.locations;" /etc/nginx/app.d/server.ReverseProxy.conf
if nginx -t 2>/dev/null; then synoservicecfg --reload nginx; else exit 1; fi

Synology Bitwarden_rs Websocket Setup

Below steps allow you to setup Websocket support for your Bitwarden_rs installation running on Synology Diskstation. You can do all steps using the GUI so there is no SSH Access needed.


  • Working HTTPS Reverse proxy Setup (Control Panel -> Application Portal -> Reverse Proxy)
  • Set Enviourment Variable WEBSOCKET_ENABLED=true in your Bitwarden container and expose the container port 3012 to a local port, in my case 5556.

Upload script

  1. Download
  2. Upload the script "" onto your Diskstation. I would recommand putting it in your Bitwarden directory. In my case /volume1/docker/bitwarden

Create scheduled Task

Control Panel -> Task Scheduler -> Create -> Scheduled Task -> User-defined Script

Make sure to amend the command according to your setup.

  • /volume1/docker/bitwarden/ = Full path to previously uploaded script
  • = Hostname of your Bitwarden_rs as configured in the Reverse Proxy
  • 5555 = Exposed ROCKET_PORT by Docker (The same as in your Reverse Proxy setup)
  • 5556 = Exposed WEBSOCKET_PORT by Docker

Run Command (My example):

bash /volume1/docker/bitwarden/ 5555 5556

  General Settings
      Task -> Enable BW WS
      User -> root
      Enabled -> Tick
      Run on the following days -> Daily
      Frequency -> Every hour
  Task Settings:
      (Optional) Enable Notifications
      Run Command: <Paste Command Crafted Above> 

Save and run the new task by selecting Run. Login into your Webvault and confirm in your web browsers developer console that the connection to wss:// succeded.

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JohannCR commented Jan 29, 2023

Script doesn't work for me...
DSM 7.1.1-42962
Docker 20.10.3-1308
Script executes ok, but no change I still get status.Websocket connection failed, "there was an error in the transport".
Anyone has any pointer ?

Edit : Solved ! It was my adblocker (adguard) that was at fault ! I now have sync functionnning on my devices, so it's good !
I'm still seing that error in chrome on PC, but as long as my phone is synced it doesn"t matter.
Thanks a lot for the script

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