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Created August 3, 2014 21:35
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sslh (etc/default/sslh) config for SSL, SSH & OpenVPN | apt-get install sshl
# Default options for sslh initscript
# sourced by /etc/init.d/sslh
# Disabled by default, to force yourself
# to read the configuration:
# - /usr/share/doc/sslh/README.Debian (quick start)
# - /usr/share/doc/sslh/README, at "Configuration" section
# - sslh(8) via "man sslh" for more configuration details.
# Once configuration ready, you *must* set RUN to yes here
# and try to start sslh (standalone mode only)
# binary to use: forked (sslh) or single-thread (sslh-select) version
DAEMON_OPTS="-u sslh -p MYPUBLICIP:443 --ssh --openvpn --ssl -P /var/run/sslh/"
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