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A Knife plugin to set node environment
## Knife plugin to set node environment
# See
## Install
# Place in .chef/plugins/knife/set_environment.rb
## Usage
# Nick-Stielaus-MacBook-Pro:chef-repo nstielau$ knife node set_environment my_env
# Looking for
# Setting environment to my_env
# 1 items found
# Node Name:
# Environment: my_env
# IP:
# Run List: role[base], role[web_app]
# Roles: base, web_app
# Recipes timezone::default, hosts::default, sudo::default, web_app::default
# Platform: ubuntu 10.04
require 'chef/knife'
module SomeNamespace
class NodeSetEnvironment < Chef::Knife
deps do
require 'chef/search/query'
require 'chef/knife/search'
banner "knife node set_environment NODE ENVIRONMENT"
def run
unless @node_name = name_args[1]
ui.error "You need to specify a node"
exit 1
unless @environment = name_args[2]
ui.error "You need to specify an environment"
exit 1
puts "Looking for #{@node_name}"
searcher =
result =, "name:#{@node_name}")
knife_search =
node = result.first.first
if node.nil?
puts "Could not find a node named #{@node_name}"
exit 1
puts "Setting environment to #{@environment}"
knife_search =
knife_search.name_args = ['node', "name:#{@node_name}"]

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mmzoo commented Sep 28, 2011

What I don't understand is: when I run just "knife node" without your plugin, I get the help overview. With the plugin in place, I get "You need to specify a node". How can the plugin break the default behavior of knife? Should the plugin not react once the "set_environment" argument is given?


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nstielau commented Sep 28, 2011

It is a little magic how some of this works, but I think that was because the class name was 'Node'. Changing it should fix the issue.


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eherot commented Dec 20, 2011

Not sure if it's something to do with my ruby version but I had to change name_args[1] and name_args[2] to name_args[0] and name_args[1] for this to work. Before I made this change, I would specify machine and environment and it would tell me:

ERROR: You need to specify an environment

$ knife -v
Chef: 0.10.6

$ ruby -v
ruby 1.8.7 (2010-01-10 patchlevel 249) [universal-darwin11.0]


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miketheman commented Dec 29, 2011

@eherot I did the same, and that's what worked. Here:


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ghost commented Aug 16, 2012

EDITOR="sed -e 's/_default/Production/' -i " knife node edit $(hostname)


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simonmcc commented Apr 3, 2013

Just incase you're running knife from OSX (I kept getting sed -i stdin errors):

EDITOR="perl -p -i -e 's/_default/your-env/'" knife node create $(HOSTNAME)


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paustin01 commented Apr 4, 2013

+1 on moving the name_args[] to 0 and 1


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pconerly commented Aug 13, 2014

+1 name_args[0] and name_args[1]. It's too bad we can't edit this.


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pconerly commented Aug 13, 2014

There's a bug with knife_search? I filed a ticket here: chef/chef#1822


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sacwin commented Sep 25, 2014

I think, there are few changes required in the script

unless @node_name = name_args[1] -> unless @node_name = name_args[0]

unless @node_name = name_args[2] -> unless @node_name = name_args[1]

node = result.first.first -> node = result.first[0]

Finally, Instead of the following group of lines:
knife_search =
knife_search.name_args = ['node', "name:#{@node_name}"]

have these instead:
puts node.chef_environment

It Works perfectly now!!!

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