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Created May 11, 2011 16:41
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Send a metric to StatsD from bash
# Send a metric to statsd from bash
# Useful for:
# deploy scripts (
# init scripts
# sending metrics via crontab one-liners
# sprinkling in existing bash scripts.
# netcat options:
# -w timeout If a connection and stdin are idle for more than timeout seconds, then the connection is silently closed.
# -u Use UDP instead of the default option of TCP.
echo "deploys.test.myservice:1|c" | nc -w 1 -u 8125
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very useful, thanks :)

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Another suggestion:

echo "deploys.test.myservice:1|c" | nc -w 1 -cu 8125

Note the -c, from nc --help:

  -c, --close                close connection on EOF from stdin

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Amazing, very simple and useful! :)

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