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Last active January 3, 2020 14:02
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node {
bitbucketStatusNotify(buildState: 'INPROGRESS')
ws("${JENKINS_HOME}/jobs/${JOB_NAME}/builds/${BUILD_ID}/") {
withEnv(["GOPATH=${JENKINS_HOME}/jobs/${JOB_NAME}/builds/${BUILD_ID}"]) {
echo 'Checking out SCM'
checkout scm
stage('Pre Test'){
echo 'Pulling Dependencies'
sh 'go version'
sh 'go get -u'
sh 'go get -u'
sh 'go get'
//or -update
sh 'cd ${GOPATH}/src/cmd/project/ && dep ensure'
//List all our project files with 'go list ./... | grep -v /vendor/ | grep -v | grep -v'
//Push our project files relative to ./src
sh 'cd $GOPATH && go list ./... | grep -v /vendor/ | grep -v | grep -v > projectPaths'
//Print them with 'awk '$0="./src/"$0' projectPaths' in order to get full relative path to $GOPATH
def paths = sh returnStdout: true, script: """awk '\$0="./src/"\$0' projectPaths"""
echo 'Vetting'
sh """cd $GOPATH && go tool vet ${paths}"""
echo 'Linting'
sh """cd $GOPATH && golint ${paths}"""
echo 'Testing'
sh """cd $GOPATH && go test -race -cover ${paths}"""
echo 'Building Executable'
//Produced binary is $GOPATH/src/cmd/project/project
sh """cd $GOPATH/src/cmd/project/ && go build -ldflags '-s'"""
stage('BitBucket Publish'){
//Find out commit hash
sh 'git rev-parse HEAD > commit'
def commit = readFile('commit').trim()
//Find out current branch
sh 'git name-rev --name-only HEAD > GIT_BRANCH'
def branch = readFile('GIT_BRANCH').trim()
//strip off repo-name/origin/ (optional)
branch = branch.substring(branch.lastIndexOf('/') + 1)
def archive = "${GOPATH}/project-${branch}-${commit}.tar.gz"
echo "Building Archive ${archive}"
sh """tar -cvzf ${archive} $GOPATH/src/cmd/project/project"""
echo "Uploading ${archive} to BitBucket Downloads"
withCredentials([string(credentialsId: 'bb-upload-key', variable: 'KEY')]) {
sh """curl -s -u 'user:${KEY}' -X POST 'downloads-page-url' --form files=@'${archive}' --fail"""
}catch (e) {
// If there was an exception thrown, the build failed
currentBuild.result = "FAILED"
bitbucketStatusNotify(buildState: 'FAILED')
} finally {
// Success or failure, always send notifications
def bs = currentBuild.result ?: 'SUCCESSFUL'
if(bs == 'SUCCESSFUL'){
bitbucketStatusNotify(buildState: 'SUCCESSFUL')
def notifyBuild(String buildStatus = 'STARTED') {
// build status of null means successful
buildStatus = buildStatus ?: 'SUCCESSFUL'
// Default values
def colorName = 'RED'
def colorCode = '#FF0000'
def subject = "${buildStatus}: Job '${env.JOB_NAME} [${env.BUILD_NUMBER}]'"
def summary = "${subject} <${env.BUILD_URL}|Job URL> - <${env.BUILD_URL}/console|Console Output>"
// Override default values based on build status
if (buildStatus == 'STARTED') {
color = 'YELLOW'
colorCode = '#FFFF00'
} else if (buildStatus == 'SUCCESSFUL') {
color = 'GREEN'
colorCode = '#00FF00'
} else {
color = 'RED'
colorCode = '#FF0000'
// Send notifications
slackSend (color: colorCode, message: summary)
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