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Loop through Jekyll collections and output their content as sections and articles
{% comment %}
Loops though every collection you defined in _config.yml and grabs the pages they contain; outputting title and full text with good basic html semantics.
Use page.excerpt instead of page.content to grab the first paragraph, blog list style. Markdownify is optional, depends how you authored content in your collections; I typically use Markdown.
{% endcomment % }
{% for collection in site.collections %}
{% assign name = collection.label %}
<h1>{{ name }}</h1>
{% for page in site.[name] %}
<h2>{{ page.title }}</h2>
<p>{{ page.content | markdownify }}</p>
{% endfor %}
{% endfor %}
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wndxlori commented Dec 8, 2016

Excellent. I was missing that markdownify filter and wondered why my markdown wasn't rendering properly

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aamnah commented Mar 13, 2017

thank you!

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line 13 the period got me an error. Liquid is happier with this {% for page in site[name] %}. Cheers!

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kyleplo commented Jan 13, 2018

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