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Last active Oct 14, 2016
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Methods I like to monkey-patch onto the Object class in Ruby
# Say you want to look up the attrs of a Stripe Event for logging to your internal database.
attrs = begin
retriable(Stripe::APIConnectionError, Stripe::APIError, max: 25) do
# ... retrieve attrs from the Stripe event here...
rescue Stripe::APIConnectionError, Stripe::APIError
# We're inside an SQS queue block
throw :skip_delete # we'll just have to wait on this event, come back later
rescue Stripe::Error
notify $!
next # something's off, maybe hackery? just skip this event
class Object
# Always throw errors in development and test, they're too easy to miss in the logs,
# and we should be "safely" handling these things, not swallowing them
# In production, swallowing errors makes for a much richer experience
def notify(error)
raise error unless Rails.env.production?
# If a 3rd-party service is down, like Stripe or AWS,
# we might want to just retry it again after a bit of a wait
# Note rack-timeout is set to 1 second, but hopefully we're only ever
# talking to 3rd-party APIs in background jobs, eh? ;-)
def retriable(*errors, &block)
options = errors.extract_options! # rails-ism: if you're using this elsewhere, adjust accordingly
attempts = 0 # how many times have we tried this already?
max = options.delete(:max) || 0
rescue *errors
Airbrake.notify $!
attempts += 1
attempts > max and raise
sleep 1.15 ** attempts and retry
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