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A pre-commit hook for git which dumps and adds a mysql database to the repository just before commit.
# Pre-commit hook to make a mysql dump right before committing and add it to the commit.
## Change the following values to suit your local setup.
# The name of a database user with read access to the database.
# The password associated with the above user. Leave commented if none.
# The database associated with this repository.
# The path relative to the repository root in which to store the sql dump.
[[ -d schema ]] || mkdir schema
if [ -t $DBPASS ]; then
mysqldump -u $DBUSER -p$DBPASS $DBNAME > $DBPATH/$DBNAME.sql
mysqldump -u $DBUSER $DBNAME > $DBPATH/$DBNAME.sql
git add $DBPATH/$DBNAME.sql
exit 0

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commented May 27, 2013

In my case, working on a local Mac OS X, I needed to add the path to the executables. Resulting in:
/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqldump ....
And in:
/usr/local/git/bin/git add ...

I also needed to change the comparison, the -t parameter was not recognized. -n did the trick though.
if [ -n $DBPASS]; then


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commented Jul 31, 2014

  1. $DBPATH is defined as a variables but then schema is explicity defined.
  2. I changed if [ -t $DBPASS ] for if [ -n $DBPASS ] and now works very good.

If you have git and mysqldump on your path variables you don't need to add any absolute url.

Thanks for sharing this!

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