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Data Leaks of Zurich insurance policies of the company's customers. Dumps contains 11GB of these data.
File code.,
Policy code.,
Policy version counter.,
Object type code,
Object sequence counter,
mct code,
Technical product code,
Commercial product code,
Structure code,
Structure description,
First name policyholder,
Surname 1 policyholder,
Surname 2 policyholder,
TC Type of policyholder's DNI/NIF,
Description of document type.,
Code DNI/NIF policyholder,
TC Type of road address,
Description of type of road.,
Name of the policyholder's address,
Address number of the policyholder,
Name Town name of policyholder,
TC Postal code policyholder,
Name of the policyholder's province,
Policyholder's telephone number,
Policy start date,
End date of effect,
Date mct entry date,
Date of cancellation mct,
Status code (policy active or not),
MCT status code,
Vehicle registration number,
Vehicle make description,
Vehicle model description,
Vehicle type,
Vehicle type description,
Permitted use of vehicle,
Detailed description,
Gross vehicle weight,
Tare value,
Year of first registration,
Month of first registration,
Version description,
Number of seats,
Power (hp),
Engine type,
Description engine type,
Intermediary key producer 1,
Intermediary name,
TC Segment of commercial activity,
TC Communication type 1 Partner,
TC Country code number 1 Partner,
Telephone number 1 intermediary,
Telephone extension number 1 intermediary,
TC Type of communication 2 intermediary,
TC Country code number 2 intermediary,
Telephone number 2 intermediary,
Telephone extension number 2 intermediary,
TC Type of communication 3 intermediary,
TC Country code number 3 intermediary,
Telephone number 3 intermediary,
Telephone extension number 3 intermediary,
Mode indicator,
Mode description,
Company code,
Company grouping description,
Policy language,
Description Language,
Business Code,
Business name,
Policy indicator with closed,
Receipt effective date,
TC Receipt status,
Receipt status description,
Account number IBAN,
Activity code trade service - Miscellaneous only,
Trade activity - Miscellaneous only,
Multi-risk code - Miscellaneous only,
Franchise code - Miscellaneous only,
Insured capital - Miscellaneous Only,
Capital or insured capital - Miscellaneous Only,
Migrac activity code description - Miscellaneous only,
Commerce description - Miscellaneous Only,
Date of birth insured - Miscellaneous only,
Aesthetic damage amount - Miscellaneous only,
Home use indicator - Miscellaneous only,
Compacted insured name - Miscellaneous only,
Phone number 2 - Miscellaneous only,
TC Character of insured - Only Miscellaneous,
TC Class of dwelling - Miscellaneous only,
Value acc address risk situation - Miscellaneous only,
Client Value Code,
Client Value Description,
Assistance type code 1,
Assistance type code 2,
Assistance type code 3,
Assistance type code 4,
Assistance type code 5,
Assistance type code 6,
Assistance type code 7,
Assistance type code 8,
Assistance type code 9,
Assistance type code 10,
Type of document of the first driver,
Description of the first driver's document type,
First driver document code,
First name first driver,
First surname first driver,
Second last name first driver,
Type of road first driver's address,
Description of the type of road first driver's residence,
Name of the first driver's home road,
Number of the first driver's home road,
Name of the town of the first driver's residence,
Postal code of the first driver's address,
Name of the province of the first driver's address,
Type of owner's document,
Description of the owner's document type,
Owner's document code,
Owner's first name,
Owner's first surname,
Owner's second last name,
Type of road owner's address,
Description of the type of road owner's address,
Name of the road of the owner's address,
Number of the road of the owner's domicile,
Name of the town of the owner's address,
Postal code of the owner's address,
Name of the province of the owner's address,
Parcel code,
Description of the package code,
My Zurich (Y/N) policyholder indicator
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