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Last active November 9, 2022 19:33
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# fish-modus-vivendi color theme
set -l foreground ffffff # fg-main
set -l comment a8a8a8 # fg-alt
set -l selection 34cfff # blue-active
# *-intense color
set -l red fe6060
set -l orange fba849
set -l green 4fe42f
set -l yellow f0dd60
set -l blue 4fafff
set -l magenta ff62d4
set -l purple 9f80ff
set -l cyan 3fdfd0
# Syntax Highlighting Colors
set -g fish_color_normal $foreground
set -g fish_color_command $purple
set -g fish_color_keyword $magenta
set -g fish_color_quote $blue
set -g fish_color_redirection $foreground
set -g fish_color_end $orange
set -g fish_color_error $red
set -g fish_color_param $cyan
set -g fish_color_comment $comment
set -g fish_color_selection --background=$selection
set -g fish_color_search_match --background=$selection
set -g fish_color_operator $green
set -g fish_color_escape $magenta
set -g fish_color_autosuggestion $comment
# Completion Pager Colors
set -g fish_pager_color_progress $comment
set -g fish_pager_color_prefix $cyan
set -g fish_pager_color_completion $foreground
set -g fish_pager_color_description $comment
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