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Last active July 25, 2022 22:34
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Getting started with translating nMarkov

Getting started

To start translating nMarkov, head on over to

You'll automatically be asked to sign in with Discord - the app's name will say Velox (this is what our internal API is called) - click Authorize and it'll redirect you back to the translation portal.

Once you get to the portal, hover over Projects at the top and click on Browse all projects. Click on nMarkov, then Bot. Finally, click on the language you speak, and then click on the blue 'Translate' button!

You can translate as much as you want, and can stop at any time.

What do the words that look like {this} mean?

Words surrounded by {curly braces} are placeholders. These should not be translated and should be entered in the place where it makes the most sense. You can automatically enter these by clicking on the placeholder (it should have a slight grey highlight), or you can press Ctrl+1 (or whatever number it shows, if there is more than one placeholder in the string).

Can anyone translate?

Technically yes, but it would be much preferable if only native speakers offered translations. This is to ensure a much higher quality of localized responses.

My language isn't listed!

Leave a message in #discussion-nmarkov asking for it to be added and I'll get around to it eventually 😊

I speak a specific dialect of a language - can I still translate?

No. If there's enough demand for a specific dialect (and the translation portal supports that dialect), I'll enable it to be translated specifically. Otherwise, please stick to the "global" form of the language.

I added translations but nMarkov isn't using them yet!

nMarkov will only pick up on new translations each time the bot updates - unfortunately, it's not an instant process.

Someone translated a string incorrectly!

You're welcome to correct it yourself, or let me know and I'll clear the translation.

I need more information/context before I can translate a string.

Sure thing - let me know which string you're talking about in #discussion-nmarkov and I'll tell you how and when that string is used.

I have a question that wasn't answered here!

Hop in #discussion-nmarkov and I'll do my best to answer it.

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