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Created September 8, 2021 20:20
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Pipeline extended with second parameter (with data)
namespace App\Filters;
use Closure;
use Illuminate\Pipeline\Pipeline;
use Throwable;
class PipelineFilter extends Pipeline
protected $params = [];
* Set the array of data to filter with
* @param array|mixed $with
* @return $this
public function with($params)
$this->params = $params;
return $this;
* Run the pipeline with a final destination callback.
* @param \Closure $destination
* @return mixed
public function then(Closure $destination)
$pipeline = array_reduce(
array_reverse($this->pipes()), $this->carry(), $this->prepareDestination($destination)
return $pipeline($this->passable, $this->params);
* Get a Closure that represents a slice of the application onion.
* @return \Closure
protected function carry()
return function ($stack, $pipe) {
return function ($passable, $params) use ($stack, $pipe) {
try {
if (is_callable($pipe)) {
// If the pipe is a callable, then we will call it directly, but otherwise we
// will resolve the pipes out of the dependency container and call it with
// the appropriate method and arguments, returning the results back out.
return $pipe($passable, $params, $stack);
} elseif (! is_object($pipe)) {
[$name, $parameters] = $this->parsePipeString($pipe);
// If the pipe is a string we will parse the string and resolve the class out
// of the dependency injection container. We can then build a callable and
// execute the pipe function giving in the parameters that are required.
$pipe = $this->getContainer()->make($name);
$parameters = array_merge([$passable, $params, $stack], $parameters);
} else {
// If the pipe is already an object we'll just make a callable and pass it to
// the pipe as-is. There is no need to do any extra parsing and formatting
// since the object we're given was already a fully instantiated object.
$parameters = [$passable, $params, $stack];
$carry = method_exists($pipe, $this->method)
? $pipe->{$this->method}(...$parameters)
: $pipe(...$parameters);
return $this->handleCarry($carry);
} catch (Throwable $e) {
return $this->handleException($passable, $e);
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