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Last active September 13, 2018 15:34
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my IDA colors
000000 //Instruction
aaaaaa //Directive
f3c5ff //Macro name
7e6082 //Register name
666666 //Other keywords
ffffff //Dummy data name
b9ebeb //Dummy code name
b9ebeb //Dummy unexplored name
bbecff //Hidden name
c0c0c0 //Library function name
00d269 //Local variable name
00ff00 //Regular data name
3250d2 //Regular code name
4646ff //Regular unexplored name
7faaff //Demangled name
617c7c //Segment name
3250d2 //Imported name
008080 //Suspicious constant
3734ff //Char in instruction
c0c0c0 //String in instruction
595959 //Number in instruction
f3c5ff //Char in data
ffaaff //String in data
00d2ff //Number in data
ffff00 //Code reference
0080ff //Data reference
00d2ff //Code reference to tail
00d69d //Data reference to tail
7e07df //Automatic comment
00d269 //Regular comment
00f379 //Repeatable comment
3250d2 //Extra line
ababab //Collapsed line
adad73 //Line prefix: library function
fd5aff //Line prefix: regular function
7fffff //Line prefix: instruction
00ffaa //Line prefix: data
00d2ff //Line prefix: unexplored
ffaaff //Line prefix: externs
00ffff //Line prefix: current item
000000 //Line prefix: current line
2d2d2d //Punctuation
32ade1 //Opcode bytes
ffff00 //Manual operand
666666 //Error
0000aa //Default color
617c7c //Selected
009d9d //Library function
ff55ff //Regular function
000000 //Single instruction
00aaff //Data bytes
000000 //Unexplored byte
ffaa00 //Library function
00aaff //Regular function
000080 //Instruction
b9ebeb //Data item
007878 //Unexplored
ff00ff //External symbol
0000ca //Errors
4a4a4a //Gaps
00ff80 //Cursor
0080ff //Address
ffd060 //Current IP
ffa0a0 //Current IP (Enabled)
408020 //Current IP (Disabled)
2d2d2d //Current IP (Unavailible)
000076 //Address
00ff00 //Address (Enabled)
004080 //Address (Disabled)
0080ff //Address (Unavailible)
ffffff //Registers
ff0000 //Registers (Changed)
800080 //Registers (Edited)
34466c //Jump in current function
dede00 //Jump external to function
00aaff //Jump under the cursor
008000 //Jump target
ff4040 //Register target
b2b2b2 //Top color
b2b2b2 //Bottom color
f5f5f5 //Normal title
989faa //Selected title
54585e //Current title
00ffff //Group frame
242424 //Node shadow
003900 //Highlight color 1
00006d //Highlight color 2
0000ff //Foreign node
cb4300 //Normal edge
009100 //Yes edge
0000bc //No edge
ffaaaa //Highlighted edge
008ec6 //Current edge
d4d4d4 //Message text
212121 //Message background
404080 //Patched bytes
0080ff //Unsaved changes
00ffff //Highlight color
e1ffff //Hint color
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