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Created Dec 12, 2012
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Helper methods for Cocos2d-xna
public class CCUtils
public static CCRect CCRectIntersection(CCRect r1, CCRect r2)
CCRect intersection = new CCRect(Math.Max(CCRect.CCRectGetMinX(r1), CCRect.CCRectGetMinX(r2)), Math.Max(CCRect.CCRectGetMinY(r1), CCRect.CCRectGetMinY(r2)), 0, 0);
intersection.size.width = Math.Min(CCRect.CCRectGetMaxX(r1), CCRect.CCRectGetMaxX(r2)) -
intersection.size.height = Math.Min(CCRect.CCRectGetMaxY(r1), CCRect.CCRectGetMaxY(r2)) -
return intersection;
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