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Created Aug 22, 2016

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This is a roster of the work done for Balrog by Varun Joshi during Google Summer of Code 2016.

The project was successfully completed and its results have been deployed to the Balrog production instance. It has resulted in a significant reduction in the number of failed jobs due to update races. On the staging server, there used to be about 60 job failures due to update races in a day. This has been reduced to about 2-3 failures. The pull request for the GSoC project is #93. The associated bug is Bug 1223872

The other work done during the summer:

  • Adding a new SystemAddons blob. PR #95 (associated bug #1275370)
  • Add support for querying history by data version and primary key: This was required to support the main GSoC project. PR #91
  • Send e-mail when a release changes from read only to read write. PR #81 (associated bug #1266063)
  • Improve Balrog to handle multifile responses better. PR #77 (associated bug #1245941)
  • Compressing history tables. PR #101 (associated bug #1187978)
  • Added product-wise admin permissions. PR #108 (associated bug #1194277)
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