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Created May 27, 2022 14:51
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with base_data as (
select received_at, date_trunc('day', received_at)::date as end_date ,
date_add('day', -28, date_trunc('day', received_at))::date start_date, load_time
from outschool_com.performance_largest_contentful_paint
received_at > date_add('day',-90, sysdate::date)
and load_time > 0
and load_time < 60000
--order by md5('seed' || received_at)
date_array as (
select distinct end_date as event_date from base_data
select event_date,
(event_date - INTERVAL '28 day')::date AS window_start,
percentile_cont(0.75) within group (order by load_time)
from date_array d join base_data bd
on bd.received_at between d.event_date- INTERVAL '28 day' and d.event_date
group by 1,2
order by 1,2;
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