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focusin focusout support for firefox
/* Copyright (c) 2016 Tobias Buschor | MIT License */
/* focusin/out event polyfill (firefox) */
var w = window,
d = w.document;
if (w.onfocusin === undefined) {
d.addEventListener('focus' ,addPolyfill ,true);
d.addEventListener('blur' ,addPolyfill ,true);
d.addEventListener('focusin' ,removePolyfill ,true);
d.addEventListener('focusout' ,removePolyfill ,true);
function addPolyfill(e){
var type = e.type === 'focus' ? 'focusin' : 'focusout';
var event = new CustomEvent(type, {bubbles:true, cancelable:false});
event.c1Generated = true;;
function removePolyfill(e){
if (!e.c1Generated) { // focus after focusin, so chrome will the first time trigger tow times focusin
d.removeEventListener('focus' ,addPolyfill ,true);
d.removeEventListener('blur' ,addPolyfill ,true);
d.removeEventListener('focusin' ,removePolyfill ,true);
d.removeEventListener('focusout' ,removePolyfill ,true);
d.removeEventListener('focusin' ,removePolyfill ,true);
d.removeEventListener('focusout' ,removePolyfill ,true);
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arnaudleyder commented Aug 4, 2015

Thanks. That does the trick. FF still does not support these events in August 2015. They did drop the ball at some point in time.

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Gonzalo2683 commented Mar 1, 2016

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