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Created Apr 23, 2015
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// both actors require dependencies that can be fulfilled by DI
// but you can't do this:
var system = ActorSystem.Create("App");
var actor = system.ActorOf<SomeActor>();
class ActorA : ReceiveActor {
public SomeActor(IDependency dependency) { ... }
var child = context.ActorOf<ActorB>();
class ActorB : ReceiveActor {
public SomeActor(IDependency dependency) { ... }
// instead you must code in two different ways:
var propsResolver = new SomeDIPropsResolver();
var props = propsResolver.Resolve<ActorA>();
var actor = system.ActorOf(props);
// and inside of the actor you must do
var child = context.DI().ActorOf<ActorB>();
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