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Compress git repos (git gc) recursively
# Compress git repos (git gc) recursively
# Use as at will, by @nvk
for gitdir in `find ./ -name .git`;
hrline 44; # see
echo $workdir;
git --git-dir=$gitdir --work-tree=$workdir gc --aggressive;

Compress git repos (git gc) recursively

Like most i have a src folder where most my repos are, I notice a big HDD space decrease working on projects with bigger groups (many commits a day). I bumped into git gc --agressive, which is great, but i wanted to run trough all repos since it's non destructive.

PS: I'm not a dev, I'm sure there is better ways of writing this.




As a one liner:
find -name .git -execdir git gc --aggressive ";"
Even tho this one is fancier

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