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Created November 6, 2015 19:33
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### Batch use (old)
mirror from server
<p>bash.exe ./lftp.exe sftp://user:password@site:port -e "set sftp:connect-program './ssh.exe'; mirror --verbose --use-pget-n=8 -c /remote/path /cygdrive/driveletter/folder; quit"</p>
mirror to server
<p> bash.exe ./lftp.exe sftp://user:password@site:port -e "set sftp:connect-program './ssh.exe'; mirror -R --verbose --use-pget-n=8 -c /cygdrive/driveletter/folder /remote/path; quit" </p>
### Nwgat LFTP Mirror Script (only SFTP for now)
*Dont work with 4.6.2 or later atm
i also created a easy script that features both mirror and reverse mirror, lget (a small and basic download utily much like wget) and standard lftp console
and it looks like this
Nwgat LFTP Mirror Script /
1) mirrorfrom
2) mirrorto
3) lftp
4) lget
5) Quit
Please enter your choice:
Script can be found at
Download LFTP
drag and drop and lftpmirror-win.bat in bin folder
Run lftpmirror.bat
chmod +x ./
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