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A start on spec-ing Datomic queries
(ns query-optim.core
(:require [clojure.spec :as s]
[clojure.spec.gen :as gen]
[clojure.string :refer [starts-with?]]
[clojure.test.check.generators :as generators]))
(s/def ::query
(s/cat :find-spec ::find-spec
:with-clause (s/? ::with-clause)
:inputs (s/? ::inputs)
:where-clauses (s/? ::where-clauses)))
(s/def ::find-spec
(s/cat :find-kw #{:find}
:find-rel (s/? ::find-rel)
:find-coll (s/? ::find-coll)
:find-tuple (s/? ::find-tuple)
:find-scalar (s/? ::find-scalar)))
(s/def ::find-rel
(s/+ ::find-elem))
(s/def ::find-coll
(s/spec (s/cat :find-elem ::find-elem
:ellipses-sym #{'...})))
(s/def ::find-scalar
(s/cat :find-elem ::find-elem
:period-sym #{'.}))
(s/def ::find-tuple
(s/spec (s/+ ::find-elem)))
(s/def ::find-elem
(s/or :variable ::variable
:aggregate ::aggregate))
(s/def ::pattern
(s/or :input-name ::src-var
:pattern-data-literal ::pattern-data-literal))
(s/def ::aggregate
(s/cat :aggregate-fn-name ::aggregate-fn-name
:fn-args (s/+ ::fn-arg))))
(s/def ::aggregate-fn-name ::plain-symbol)
(s/def ::fn-arg
(s/or :variable ::variable
:constant ::constant
:src-var ::src-var))
(s/def ::with-clause
(s/cat :with-kw #{:with}
:variables (s/+ ::variable)))
(s/def ::where-clauses
(s/cat :where-kw #{:where}
:clauses (s/+ ::clause)))
(s/def ::inputs
(s/cat :in-kw #{:in}
:input-args (s/+ (s/alt :src-var ::src-var
:variable ::variable
:pattern-var ::pattern-var
:rules-var ::rule-var))))
(s/def ::src-var
(s/and symbol?
#(starts-with? (name %) "$")))
(s/def ::variable
(s/and symbol?
#(starts-with? (name %) "?")))
(s/def ::rules-var
(s/def ::plain-symbol
(s/and symbol?
#(not (starts-with? (name %) "?"))
#(not (starts-with? (name %) "$"))))
(s/def ::pattern-var
(s/def ::and-clause
(s/spec (s/cat :and-sym #{'and}
:clauses (s/+ ::clause))))
(s/def ::expression-clause
(s/or :data-pattern ::data-pattern
:pred-expr ::pred-expr
:fn-expr ::fn-expr
:rule-exp ::rule-expr))
(s/def ::rule-expr
(s/cat :src-var (s/? ::src-var)
:rule-name ::rule-name
:rule-args (s/+ (s/alt :variable ::variable
:constant ::constant
:blank #{'_})))))
(s/def ::not-clause
(s/spec (s/cat :src-var (s/? ::src-var)
:not-sym #{'not}
:clauses (s/+ ::clause))))
(s/def ::not-join-clause
(s/spec (s/cat :src-var (s/? ::src-var)
:not-join-sym #{'not-join}
:variables (s/spec (s/+ ::variable))
:clauses (s/+ ::clause))))
(s/def ::or-clause
(s/cat :src-var (s/? ::src-var)
:or-sym #{'or}
:clauses (s/+ (s/alt :clause ::clause
:and-clause ::and-clause)))))
(s/def ::or-join-clause
(s/cat :src-var (s/? ::src-var)
:or-join-sym #{'or-join}
:rule-vars ::rule-vars
:clauses (s/+ (s/alt :clause ::clause
:and-clause ::and-clause)))))
(s/def ::rule-vars
(s/cat :variables (s/+ ::variable))))
(s/def ::clause
(s/or :not-clause ::not-clause
:not-join-clause ::not-join-clause
:or-clause ::or-clause
:or-join-clause ::or-join-clause
:expression-clause ::expression-clause))
(s/def ::data-pattern
(s/cat :src-var (s/? ::src-var)
:pattern (s/+ (s/alt :variable ::variable
:constant ::constant
:blank #{'_})))))
(s/def ::constant
#(not (symbol? %)))
(s/def ::pred-expr
(s/cat :pred ::pred
:fn-args (s/+ ::fn-arg)))))
(s/def ::fn-expr
(s/cat :call (s/spec (s/cat :fn symbol?
:fn-args (s/+ ::fn-arg)))
:binding ::binding)))
(s/def ::binding
(s/or :bind-scalar ::bind-scalar
:bind-tuple ::bind-tuple
:bind-coll ::bind-coll
:bind-rel ::bind-rel))
(s/def ::bind-scalar
(s/def ::bind-tuple
(s/spec (s/+ (s/or :variable ::variable
:underscore-sym #{'_}))))
(s/def ::bind-coll
(s/spec (s/cat :variable ::variable
:ellipses-sym #{'...})))
(s/def ::bind-rel
(s/spec (s/spec (s/+ (s/or :variable ::variable
:underscore-sym #{'_})))))
(s/def ::rule
(s/spec (s/+ (s/spec (s/cat :rule-head ::rule-head
:clauses (s/+ ::clause))))))
(s/def ::rule-head
(s/cat :rule-name ::rule-name
:rule-vars ::rule-vars)))
(s/def ::rule-name ::plain-symbol)
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