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Generate development history statistics for PyGTK
pepper activity --datemin=1998-12-01 --output=${OUT}/activity.png --size=800x600 ${PROJ}
pepper activity --split=authors --n=10 --datemin=1998-12-01 --output=${OUT}/activity-auth.png --size=800x600 ${PROJ}
pepper activity --split=directories --datemin=1998-12-01 --output=${OUT}/activity-directories.png --size=800x600 ${PROJ}
pepper loc --output=${OUT}/loc.png --size=800x600 ${PROJ}
pepper loc --tags --output=${OUT}/loc-tags.png --size=3200x600 ${PROJ}
pepper commit_counts --period=13years --output=${OUT}/commit-counts.png --size=800x600 ${PROJ}
pepper authors --n=12 --output=${OUT}/authors.png --size=800x600 ${PROJ}
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