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IRC discussion main points on things to be done
13:17:45 < nzwulfin> we could ship an example...
13:18:32 < jbrooks> I think that'd be handy, worth talking about, I know I've made them before w/ a change pw on first login req
13:19:31 < nzwulfin> yeah we can try to set some sane defaults, but as a "if you really can't get this step, just go here"
13:19:36 < nzwulfin> safety net
13:20:52 < jbrooks> Another thing could be where we list the different types of install media we have available, each could link
to a brief getting started w/ that media type
13:21:13 < nzwulfin> yeah i started down that path originally when i was thinking about it .. one per provider
13:21:23 < jbrooks> iso, qcow (byo cloud-init or not), vagrant
13:21:39 < nzwulfin> part of what i get hung up on is .. how much do we expect someone to know about the provider
13:22:22 < jbrooks> We should do one for ec2, too
13:22:31 < nzwulfin> right
13:23:27 < jbrooks> And each of the provider pages could link to a common page about cockput, about updates, about the kube config
13:23:32 < nzwulfin> :)
13:24:01 < jbrooks> I do think it's work including both manual and ansible for the kube-config, and the closer to the upstream,
the better
13:24:22 < jbrooks> Maybe I'll write up a walkthrough for iso and for vagrant?
13:31:30 < nzwulfin> if i'm reading all this right we want:
13:31:50 < nzwulfin> 1) extreme just run a host w/ vagrant
13:32:03 < nzwulfin> 2) quick start using ISO to bypass cloud-init ISO
13:32:33 < nzwulfin> 3) getting started entrypoints for each provider / media produced
13:33:03 < nzwulfin> 4) advanced pointers to anisble content (esp since we've got more eyes to help eparis)
13:33:12 < nzwulfin> jbrooks: that look right?
13:37:01 < nzwulfin> yeah so rather than quickstarts, we're doing install guides per provider
13:37:08 < jbrooks> The gsg could just say, get and configure X hosts, and point to the dl page, which will point to the
different provider options
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