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Details for local atomic test VMs
Tunir VM
Create F23 virtual machine (2G, 2vC, 10G)
u: tunir / p: Ap
git clone
install python-paramiko python-sqlalchemy python-redis redis python-libcloud
redis (no config, start / enable)
git clone
fedora to remote
cp fedora.txt .json ~/tunir
* curl -O
~/tunirtests/ &
sudo ./tunir --job fedora --atomic
Composer VM
F23 Virtual machine (2G, 2vC, 10G)
u: root/ p: Ap
polipo installed (no config, start / enable)
git clone (compose repo)
rpm-ostree compose (python SimpleHTTP in /srv/repo)
* remote add name --no-gpg-verify
* rebase name:
'ostree log rhel-atomic-host/7/x86_64/standard'
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