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Created May 9, 2019 20:48
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Google AppEngine Memcache Example in Clojure
(:import ( MemcacheService MemcacheServiceFactory))
(def ^MemcacheService syncCache (MemcacheServiceFactory/getMemcacheService))
(.put syncCache "listUserChannels5648348291792896" {:csid ""
:unread 7})
(log/info (.contains syncCache "key"))
(log/info (class (.get syncCache "listUserChannels5648348291792896")))
(log/info (.get syncCache "listUserChannels5648348291792896"))
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oVerde commented May 9, 2019

Precisa rodar no emulador local:

  1. compile um uberwar com lein pedestal uberwar
  2. entre na pasta target e faça jar -vxf no arquivo
  3. suba um diretório e copie o appengine-web.xml para o target/WEB-INF/ sem as variáveis de ambiente
  4. volte para a target/ e execute /Applications/google-cloud-sdk/bin/ .

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