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Last active October 23, 2015 10:11
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Resize Images Using MiniMagick While Preserving Subdirectory Structure
require 'fileutils'
require 'mini_magick'
# Get all files of any type within the 4x folder, within any subdirectory
sources = Dir.glob(File.join('**', '4x', '**', '*.png'))
# Create our target directories, and the size factor for that directory
target_directories = [
{ name: '2x', size_factor: 0.5 },
{ name: '1x', size_factor: 0.25 }
# Delete old directories and make new ones
target_directories.each do |dir|
sources.each do |item|
full_path = item.match(%r{4x/(.*/)(.*\.*)})
subdir_path = full_path.captures[0]
file_name = full_path.captures[1]
image =
target_directories.each do |target_dir|
# Create subdirectories inside target directories with the same exact
# subdirectory structure as the source
directory = "#{target_dir[:name]}/#{subdir_path}"
FileUtils.mkdir_p directory
# Resize using Image Magick's percentage format, see:
image.resize "#{target_dir[:size_factor] * 100}%"
# Write resized image into the new directory
image.write "#{directory}/#{file_name}"
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