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Forked from douglasduteil/.travis.yml
Last active Aug 29, 2015
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language: node_js
- '0.10'
- master
before_script: .travis/
script: echo -e " >>> Do something... \"grunt\" for example\n"
after_success: .travis/
- REPO="<org>/<repo>.git"
- secure: ! 'Ygr53DnnxZzzKrc/kMBdnVCkiBHNKsIhk7A8kmv7Rcmbx327ATCeEePB8GNd... etc... etc...
# Authentication
echo -e ">>> Authentication !"
git remote set-url origin $REPO.git
git config --global "<org@email>"
git config --global "<org> (via TravisCI)"
if [ -z "$id_rsa_{1..23}" ]; then echo 'No $id_rsa_{1..23} found !' ; exit 1; fi
# Careful ! Put the correct number here !!! (the last line number)
echo -n $id_rsa_{1..23} >> ~/.ssh/travis_rsa_64
base64 --decode --ignore-garbage ~/.ssh/travis_rsa_64 > ~/.ssh/id_rsa
chmod 600 ~/.ssh/id_rsa
echo -e ">>> Copy config"
mv -fv out/.travis/ssh-config ~/.ssh/config
echo -e ">>> Hi !"
ssh -T
echo -e "\n"
User git
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa
StrictHostKeyChecking no
PasswordAuthentication no
CheckHostIP no
BatchMode yes
# Here, you will need to replace <org@email>, <org> and <repo>
# First you create a RSA public/private key pair just for Travis.
ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "<org@email>" -f ~/.ssh/travis_rsa
# Then following the official doc (,
# You add it to your organisation repo :<org>/<repo>/settings/keys
xclip -sel clip < ~/.ssh/
# Paste your key into the "Key" field ; Click "Add key" ; Confirm the action by entering your GitHub password
# Now comes the 'hard' part...
# Like you want to install it on Travis, you have to give it the key.
# Good thing is that Travis supports environment variables encryption with travis gem.
sudo gem install travis
# But you I the impression it's only support base64 values...
# So you have to convert our key.
base64 --wrap=0 ~/.ssh/travis_rsa > ~/.ssh/travis_rsa_64
# I'll direcly user the option "--add" so let's go to where your ".travis.yml" is
cd <somewhere>
# Also, the command "travis encrypt" has a length limit ~=100char.
# So, like I'm lazy. I just brutalize my bash...
bash <(cat ~/.ssh/travis_rsa_64 | perl -pe 's/(.{100})/$1\n/g' | nl | perl -pe 's/\s*(\d+)\s*(.*)/travis encrypt -r <org>\/<repo> id_rsa_$1="$2" --add')
# Now you have a lot of lines "- secure: ! 'xxxx...'" in my ".travis.yml"
# But you don't know how many... So just come back to the last command to get the tail of it.
cat ~/.ssh/travis_rsa_64 | perl -pe 's/(.{100})/$1\n/g' | nl | tail
# The brutal command just made a array of id : id_rsa_[0] to id_rsa_[n] where n is the number of lines. For me 23.
# End of the preparations. Now you'll have to decrypt all of this...
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