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== Featured Content
'''Proposed Lead:''' wonderboymusic
'''People (currently) involved:'''
wonderboymusic, tmoorewp, obenland, taylorde, DrewAPicture, carldanley, mfields, jayjdk, jcastaneda, swissspidy, melchoyce, karmatosed, sabreuse, rdall, mt_Suzette
=== Terms:
'''Area:''' A location in a theme where featured content displays. Areas are defined by and stored in the theme. Areas may appear in multiple locations.
'''Post:''' This includes Posts and Pages. Support for custom post types may be provided by filter. Posts may appear in multiple areas simultaneously.
'''Collection:''' A group of posts. Ideally defined implicitly by dropping posts in an area.
=== Outline
We will need to create a UI that gives publishers the following abilities:
• Add/Remove posts to/from area.
• Move a post from one area to another.
• Define a custom title, excerpt, and featured image for a post.
• Manage collections.
• Move a collection from one area to another.
We possibly need to create a metabox in the edit post/page screen so that publishers can:
• Add the post to an area(s).
• Remove the posts from an area(s).
• Define a custom title, excerpt, and featured image for a post.
And of course an API :)
• Register an area or areas
• Get featured posts for an area
=== General requirements:
• Collections and their assigned posts have to be portable between themes, and ex-/importable.
=== Features for a v2:
• Scheduling collections
• Area-agnostic custom title, excerpt. and featured image
• Hierarchical areas
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