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Rakefile for blog post
# Rakefile
namespace :db do
require "sequel"
namespace :migrate do
Sequel.extension :migration
DB = Sequel.connect(ENV['DATABASE_URL'])
desc "Perform migration reset (full erase and migration up)"
task :reset do, "migrations", :target => 0), "migrations")
puts "<= sq:migrate:reset executed"
desc "Perform migration up/down to VERSION"
task :to do
version = ENV['VERSION'].to_i
raise "No VERSION was provided" if version.nil?, "migrations", :target => version)
puts "<= sq:migrate:to version=[#{version}] executed"
desc "Perform migration up to latest migration available"
task :up do, "migrations")
puts "<= sq:migrate:up executed"
desc "Perform migration down (erase all data)"
task :down do, "migrations", :target => 0)
puts "<= sq:migrate:down executed"
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DevL commented Dec 12, 2012

The :to task has a slight problem. Since nil.to_i and "".to_i both return 0, not setting the VERSION environment variable (or setting it to empty string) will actually wipe the database. Line 19 will never raise an error.

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