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building chromium (on ubuntu 12.04) w/ extra ffmpeg codecs


$ mkdir -p ~/tmp/build/chromium-vagrant && cd ~/tmp/build/chromium-vagrant
$ vim Vagrantfile

$ vagrant up && vagrant halt
# use virtualbox to add 20GB swap (/dev/sdb)

$ vagrant up && vagrant ssh

vm$ sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude safe-upgrade
vm$ sudo aptitude install git vim byobu grc htop tree build-essential
vm$ sudo vim /etc/fstab  # /dev/sdb none swap sw 0 0
vm$ sudo mkswap /dev/sdb
vm$ sudo swapon -a


vm$ mkdir ~/build && cd ~/build
vm$ git clone
vm$ export PATH=$HOME/build/depot_tools:$PATH

You should check first.

vm$ mkdir ~/build/chromium && cd ~/build/chromium
vm$ fetch chromium --nosvn=True           # took ~ 4hrs w/ 1MB/s internet connection


vm$ cd ~/build/chromium/src
vm$ ./build/ --no-chromeos-fonts
vm$ export GYP_DEFINES="ffmpeg_branding=Chrome proprietary_codecs=1"
vm$ gclient runhooks
vm$ time make chrome BUILDTYPE=Release    # took ~ 2hrs on quadcore i5 (3.10GHz) host do |config| = 'precise64'
config.vm.customize ['modifyvm', :id, '--memory', 2048]
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