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Created May 11, 2011 16:48
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Initializer to tweak auto-generation of partial_path based on rendering objects
# config/initializers/partial_path_override.rb
# Override possibly undesirable naming convention used by Rails to automatically determine
# the path to partial templates when you pass model objects to the render method
# by Obie Fernandez
ActionView::Partials::PartialRenderer.class_eval do
def partial_path(object = @object)
@partial_names[] ||= begin
object = object.to_model if object.respond_to?(:to_model)
object.class.model_name.partial_path.dup.tap do |partial|
# I chose to limit this hack to events objects in my app's activity stream
if partial.include?("_events")
# Example: turns "nomination_events/nomination_event" into "events/nomination_event"
# More importantly, don't prepend the controller path so that this feature can
# be used across namespaces and controllers
path = @view.controller_path
partial.insert(0, "#{File.dirname(path)}/") if partial.include?(?/) && path.include?(?/)
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