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Found all videos from directories, then add opening and ending, then remove silent parts.
# This Python script adds opening and ending on Roleplaying game videos then it cuts silent parts.
# Silent parts lasts 1 seconds at least of full silence.
# For more details, see this blog post:
# LICENCE: Creative Commons 0 - Public Domain
# I, the author of this script, wave any rights and place this work in the public domain.
import numpy as np # for numerical operations
from moviepy.editor import VideoFileClip, concatenate_videoclips
import os
import sys
opening = VideoFileClip("/home/renaud/documents/jdr/03_videos/L5ROpening.mp4")
ending = VideoFileClip("/home/renaud/documents/jdr/03_videos/EndingTsuruchiLess.mp4")
rootFolder = "/home/renaud/documents/jdr/03_videos/L5R"
for subfolder in sorted(os.listdir(rootFolder)):
if("_done" not in subfolder):
for subfile in os.listdir(os.path.join(rootFolder,subfolder)):
if(("mp4" in subfile)and("Partie" in subfile)):
link = os.path.join(rootFolder,subfolder)
video = os.path.join(link,subfile)
dest = subfile.replace(".mp4","_ending.mp4",1)
destination = os.path.join(link,dest)
videoclip = VideoFileClip(video)
#concatenation of opening, video and ending
finalclip = concatenate_videoclips([opening,videoclip,ending])
#split resulting video in audio subclip
clip = VideoFileClip(destination)
cut = lambda i:,i+1).to_soundarray(fps=22000)
volume = lambda array: np.sqrt(((1.0*array)**2).mean())
volumes = [volume(cut(i)) for i in range(0,int(]
final_times= []
i = 1
duo = []
start = -1
end = 0
sumVideo = 0
#identify all part with sounds. What we keep.
for vol in volumes:
if(( vol == 0.0 )and (start!=-1)):
end = i-1
duo = [start,end]
sumVideo += (end-start)
start = -1
if((start == -1)and (vol>0.0)):
finalpath = destination.replace("_ending","_cutted")
print finalpath
print final_times
#concatenate all kept parts.
final = concatenate_videoclips([clip.subclip(t[0],t[1])
for t in final_times])
#write the file
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