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Last active Jul 2, 2018
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a script for auto add gettext
import json
import os
from redbaron import RedBaron
FILES_STATUS = {"FAIL": [], "SUCCESS": [], "PASS": []}
RESULT_OUTPUT_PATH = "~/result.json"
def has_chinese_char(string):
在Unicode 5.0的99089個字元中,有71226個字元與漢字有關。它們的分布如下:
Block名稱 開始碼位 結束碼位 字元數
CJK統一漢字 4E00 9FBB 20924
CJK統一漢字擴充A 3400 4DB5 6582
CJK統一漢字擴充B 20000 2A6D6 42711
CJK相容漢字 F900 FA2D 302
CJK相容漢字 FA30 FA6A 59
CJK相容漢字 FA70 FAD9 106
CJK相容漢字 2F800 2FA1D 542
string = str(string)
for char in string:
for start, end in (
(int("4E00", 16), int("9FBB", 16)),
(int("3400", 16), int("4DB5", 16)),
(int("20000", 16), int("2A6D6", 16)),
(int("F900", 16), int("FA2D", 16)),
(int("FA30", 16), int("FA6A", 16)),
(int("FA70", 16), int("FAD9", 16)),
(int("2F800", 16), int("2FA1D", 16)),
assert start < end
if start <= ord(char) <= end:
return True
return False
def is_aleady_gettext(node):
parent = node.parent_find("AtomtrailersNode")
# print(
# print(parent.value)
if parent is not None:
for i in parent.value:
if i.type == "name" and i.value == "_":
return True
return False
def is_docstring(node):
if node.parent is None:
return False
if node.parent.parent is None:
return True
if node.parent.type in ["class", "def"]:
return True
return False
def update_file(py_file_path):
with open(py_file_path) as f:
original_code =
root = RedBaron(original_code)
for node in root.find_all("StringNode"):
if (
and not is_aleady_gettext(node)
and not is_docstring(node)
node.replace("_({}) ".format(node))
modified_code = root.dumps()
# 有些文件没有以空行结尾,出于尚未明了的原因,redbaron 会在代码末尾加上空行,让脚本误以为代码变化了,所以这里判断一下代码变动的长度
if original_code != modified_code and len(modified_code) - len(original_code) > 1:
modified_code = (
"from django.utils.translation import gettext as _\n" + modified_code
with open(py_file_path, "w") as f:
return True
return False
def walk(dir_path, skip_paths):
sub_paths = [
os.path.join(dir_path, i) for i in os.listdir(dir_path) if i not in skip_paths
for sub_path in sub_paths:
if os.path.isdir(sub_path):
yield from walk(sub_path, skip_paths)
elif sub_path.endswith(".py"):
yield sub_path
def main():
project_paths = [
for project_path in project_paths:
all_py_file_paths = list(
walk(project_path, [".git", "venv", ".venv"])
for i, py_file_path in enumerate(all_py_file_paths):
"{} / {} {} ".format(i, len(all_py_file_paths), py_file_path),
is_changed = update_file(py_file_path)
if is_changed:
except Exception as e:
print("\n error")
FILES_STATUS["FAIL"].append({"path": py_file_path, "error": str(e)})
with open(RESULT_OUTPUT_PATH, "w") as f:
f.write(json.dumps(FILES_STATUS, indent=4))
if __name__ == "__main__":
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