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Compiling on Mac OS X
Tutorial for compiling the (
Java installed?
java -version
Load jRuby (for example JRuby Binary .zip)
Unzip jRuby to `/usr/local/`
Rename folder to `jruby`
Open Terminal and define the path for the current session, adding jruby to simplify the path calls
Installation of a gem (rawr) from jruby
`jruby -S gem install rawr`
Switch to Applications folder
`cd ~/Applications`
Create a clone from Github Repo
`git clone git:// "CompassApp"`
Switch to CompassApp folder
`cd CompassApp/`
Updating the App
Define the path for the current session
Check for jruby updates
`jruby -S gem update`
Switch to CompassApp folder
`cd ~/Applications/CompassApp`
Get new files from Github Repo
`git pull`
Props MoOx
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anteprimorac commented Mar 28, 2012

On windows XP when i enter bin\, I get this:

C:\Documents and Settings\Ante Primorac\CompassApp>bin\
Welcome to Git (version 1.7.9-preview20120201)

Run 'git help git' to display the help index.
Run 'git help ' to display help for specific commands.
c:/Ruby193/lib/ruby/gems/1.9.1/gems/rawr-1.4.5/lib/platform.rb:7: Use RbConfig i
nstead of obsolete and deprecated Config.
mkdir -p package/classes/java
javac -target 1.6 -cp lib/java/jruby-complete.jar:src -sourcepath src -d package
/classes/java src/org/rubyforge/rawr/
rake aborted!
Command failed with status (127): [javac -target 1.6 -cp lib/java/jruby-compl...

Tasks: TOP => rawr:bundle:app => rawr:jar => package/jar/compass-app.jar => pack
(See full trace by running task with --trace)

where I'm wrong?

Sory for my bad english :D

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falbertin commented Mar 29, 2012

I got it to work by using 'jruby -S rake rawr:bundle:all' in the compile step. Failed on Windows 7 x64 though (Lion worked), so your mileage may vary, but the point is to run the build from within jruby and not regular ruby.

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anteprimorac commented Apr 18, 2012

When I enter "jruby -S rake rawr:bundle:all" I get same error. Can you send me compailed .exe version of CompassApp?

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falbertin commented Apr 23, 2012

I think that would contravene the license. Sorry. :)

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hrnn commented Sep 9, 2012

Time ago i also compiled my own copy you can see almost all steps here

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inmedimptorolta commented Jul 23, 2014

As rawr has been deprecated, you can install it using:

jruby -S gem install rawr --source

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lks128 commented Nov 7, 2014

@anteprimorac, I believe were missing JDK on your system ;-)

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