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What would you like to do?

BCDice development team accepts translations from Japanese into other languages. This document explains how to submit a translation.

Preliminary Confirmation

Please contact us on the Discord server "bcdice-help" if the directory for the game system that you are going to translate does not exist in i18n/. There is some work to be done before we accept your translation.

Things to submit

Let's suppose you want to contribute the translation of "銀剣のステラナイツ" (StellarKnights). In this case, please submit the following things.

  • Language name in Japanese (e.g. 韓国語)
  • Translated name of the game system (e.g. 은검의 스텔라나이츠)
  • Translated help message
    • Japanese help message is the content of HELP_MESSAGE in lib/bcdice/game_system/StellarKnights.rb.
  • Translated message file (original: i18n/StellarKnights/ja_jp.yml)
    • You must create it to display translated messages.
    • The original file is written in YAML and contains Japanese messages.
    • The format of translated message file must be same as the original file.
  • Translated test data file (original: test/data/StellarKnights.toml)
    • You must create it to ensure the output is correct.
    • The original file is written in TOML and contains Japanese test data.
    • The format of translated test data file must be same as the original file.


Submit the above to the Discord server "bcdice-help".

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