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private OpenCvSharp.Point getTemplateAreaLocation(Mat matTarget, Mat matTemplate, int LocFlag) {
Mat result = new Mat(matTarget.Height - matTemplate.Height + 1, matTarget.Width - matTemplate.Width + 1, MatType.CV_8UC1);
OpenCvSharp.Point minPoint = new OpenCvSharp.Point();
OpenCvSharp.Point maxPoint = new OpenCvSharp.Point();
try {
Cv2.MatchTemplate(matTarget, matTemplate, result, TemplateMatchModes.CCoeff);
Cv2.MinMaxLoc(result, out minPoint, out maxPoint);
catch (OpenCvSharp.OpenCVException ee) {
if (LocFlag == 0) {
return minPoint;
else {
return maxPoint;
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