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Memory Optimization (Christer Ericson, GDC 2003)

Cache coherency primer (Fabian Giesen)

Code Clinic 2015: How to Write Code the Compiler Can Actually Optimize (Mike Acton)

Gallery of Processor Cache Effects

CppCon 2014: Mike Acton "Data-Oriented Design and C++"

What's New in CPUs Since the 80s and How Does It Affect Programmers?

Relative Memory Access speeds (short interactive thing)

CPU Caches and Why You Care, Effective Modern C++ and more (Scott Meyers)

Modern C++: What You Need to Know

Handmade Hero Day 112 - A Mental Model of CPU Performance

Optimizing software in C++ (Agner Fog)

Physics Optimization Strategies (Sergiy Migdalskiy, Valve, GDC 2015)

Modern Microprocessors, a 90 minutes guide

Native Code Performance and Memory: The Elephant in the CPU

Intel's Overview of cache

What every programmer should know about memory

Physics Optimization Strategies (Sergiy Migdalskiy, Valve, GDC 2015)

gpakosz commented Sep 20, 2015

Efficiency with Algorithms, Performance with Data Structure ( Chandler Carruth, Google, CppCon 2014)

gpakosz commented Sep 20, 2015

Performance Optimization, SIMD and Cache (Sergiy Migdalskiy, Valve) — rehash of Sergiy Migdalskiy GDC 2015 talk: Performance Optimization for Physics

MattPD commented Oct 2, 2015

CppCon 2015: Chandler Carruth "Tuning C++: Benchmarks, and CPUs, and Compilers! Oh My!"

MattPD commented Dec 8, 2015

There's also Data Oriented Design Resources (a curated list of data oriented design resources):

MattPD commented Jan 18, 2016

Andrei Alexandrescu - Writing Fast Code - code::dive conference 2015

Ulrich Drepper - Utilizing the other 80% of your system's performance: Starting with Vectorization - Applicative 2015


ghost commented Feb 16, 2016

Keith O'Conor - Know Your Architecture: Performance Programming for Gamedev Students

oboff commented Aug 21, 2016

Vectorization (SIMD) and Scaling | James Reinders, Intel

A Crash Course in Modern Hardware by Cliff Click

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