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Semantic voting
Sup ilias
*Semantic voting*. You should be able to easily select a section/paragraph of a post/comment,
and vote on it specifically. Instead of voting/liking a complete post
(which probably contains things you agree with as well as things you disagree with),
you can select a word/sentence, and express your agreement.
Downvoting a word could be used to point out grammatical errors, which leads to
<p>A part of this paragraph is <span class=”highlighted” data-highlightValue=”0.1”>highlighted text</span>, as you can see.</p>
<p>No part of this paragraph is highlighted text, as you can see.</p>
//pseudo code
function setHighlight(selection){
int highlightIterationValue = weighted percentage of all votes;
if selection does not have class highlighted{
selection gets <span> tags with class "highlighted" and attribute "data-highlightValue highlightIterationValue";
add to highlightedArray;
} else {
value = data-highlightValue;
value += highlightIterationValue if not higher than one;
data-highlightValue = value;
for all highlightedArray{
background color = highlightColor;
highlightColorSaturation = highlightColorSaturation * data-highlightValue;
push back to DOM;
//pseudo css
background color = highlightColor //if javascript disabled, all highlighted text is fully saturated
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