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Created Jun 1, 2014
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Simple webserver speed measuring
# $1 => filename to write to
# $2 => URL to fetch
# $3 => Amount of time in-between measurements
while true; do
echo -n $(date +%H:%M:%S) | tee -a $1; echo -n ";" | tee -a $1;
echo -n $(curl -o /dev/null -s -w "%{time_total}" $2 |sed "s/\./,/") | tee -a $1; echo "" | tee -a $1;
sleep $3;
# This will give you a simple way to look at the connection speed of a specific URL over time
# It writes valid csv files so you can get graphs out of the file using Excel or whatever (area charts seem to work best)
# No, this is not scientifically accurate
# No, this is not a substitute for actual measurement software
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