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Created September 1, 2017 10:50
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CV Ivan Doležal

Ivan Doležal +420724621005 Jungmannova 1405, 50005 Hradec Králové, Czech Republic


As an experienced Team Leader and developer I like to solve problems and help people getting job done. With my skills and more than 12 years of experience in application development I can help your company to fulfil your goals and objectives.

Personal Skills:

  • Experienced J2EE/Spring framework based application developer
  • Strong analysis skills, able to utilize UML and its principles into application analysis and design
  • ood knowledge of ORM frameworks, top-down and bottom-up database design
  • Experienced web developer (including Javascript ES6 and CSS), able to produce dynamicaly generated HTML(5) pages (Jsp, Jsf)
  • Familiar with SQL(Oracle, MSSQL) as well as NoSQL databases (MongoDb)
  • xperienced Spring framework user including modules Spring Data, Spwing Integration, Spring MVC, Spring WS, Spring Portlet MVC (Liferay)
  • Knowledge of application containers (Tomcat) and Application servers (Weblogic, GlassFish)
  • Skilled team leader and mentor with strongly team oriented attitude
  • Honed presentation and client facing skills
  • Lotus Notes/Domino developer, PHP developer, NodeJs developer


October 2017–Present

Senior developer / Team leader– Česká Pojišťovna – Czech Republic

Key Achievements:

  • Development and maintenance of customer oriented web presentations
  • Participation in internal frontend ES6 based framework implementation and design

Key Skills Gained:

  • Deep ES6, React and Redux knowledge
  • Internal

Febuary 2017– September 2017

Senior developer – VersionPress – Czech Republic

Key Achievements:

  • Implementation of open source WordPress plugin
  • Implementation of backup solution

Key Skills Gained:

  • WordPress development knowledge, PHP development
  • NodeJs backend development
  • TypeScript and Docker knowledge

March 2015 – January 2016

Team Leader – MoroSystems – Czech Republic

Key Achievements:

  • Delivery of PCI/DSS compliant application with emphasis on high availability and data throughput on budget and on time

Key Skills Gained:

  • PCI/DSS knowledge
  • Payment transactions processing

October 2012 – Febuary 2015

Team Leader – Generali Development – Czech Republic

Key Achievements:

  • Rebuild of team developing internal vindication applications
  • Development of repayment schedule functionality which brings cca. 30000 Eur monthly on repaid debts

Key Skills Gained:

  • Mentoring of new team members, code review
  • Web service integration with existing applications
  • Web service development

Professional Qualifications:

  • SpringSource Certified Spring Enterprise Integration Specialist (May 2014)
  • pringSource Certified Spring Proffesional (January 2013)

March 2012 – October 2012

Java developer– Generali Development – Czech Republic

Key Achievements:

  • Analysis and development of debt collection application for foreign partner

Key Skills Gained:

  • Spring framework knowledge, ORM knowledge

September 2010 – april 2012

Lotus notes team leader – Generali Development – Czech Republic Key Achievements:

  • Development of intranet and internet business applications on Lotus Domino platform
  • Development of coroporate website ( based on Lotus Notes technology
  • Development of insurance intermediary web portal based on Lotus Notes technology

Key Skills Gained:

  • Teamleading and management
  • Lotus Notes web oriented development

February 2004 – October 2010

Analytist and Lotus notes specialist – Generali PPF Holding / Generali pojišťovna a.s. – – Czech Republic.

Key Achievements:

  • Development of intranet applications to support business needs on daily basis
  • Automatization of internal business workflows using Lotus Workflow product

Key Skills Gained:

  • Business process modeling and development
  • Lotus notes application development


University of Hradec Králové – Knowledge Management – Doctor (Phd.) (2009)

  • Canceled due to strongly theoretical orientation of studied subjects and lack of their practical application or usage.
  • Thesis : Possible application of knowledge systems on ad-hoc workflow processes

University of Hradec Králové – Informatics and Management – Masters (Ing.) (2003-2009) reat combination of technical and soft skills

  • Graduated with thesis : Usage of workflow applicatinons in company


Registered archer, hobby hocky player, handyman

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