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Chase Wang ocwang

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details: ...
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ocwang / makestagram_competencies.txt
Last active Jun 27, 2017
Makestagram Section Competencies
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Students should be able to apply the knowledge and concepts put forth after each section.
Students will be able to ___.
0. Getting Started
- n/a
1. Setting Up Firebase
- understand what functionality Firebase provides
- identify whether an app will need to use Firebase
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string file content
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import UIKit
extension UIView {
class func toString() -> String {
let name = NSStringFromClass(self)
let components = name.componentsSeparatedByString(".")
guard let classString = components.last
else { fatalError("") }
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func selectionSort(unsortedArray: [Int]) -> [Int] {
var arr = unsortedArray
var temp: Int
for i in 0..<unsortedArray.count {
temp = i
for j in i..<unsortedArray.count {
if arr[j] < arr[temp] {
temp = j
View MSBasicTerminalAndGitCommands
cd - change directory allows you to navigate via terminal
ls - list all files and folders in directory
ls -la - list files vertically and show all hidden files (like .git and .gitignore)
pwd - print working directory
Git Commands
git add -A