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Created April 28, 2022 14:13
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Node.js script to read AWS Credentials from the CVS file that the AWS Console provides you. Baffling that they don't offer this by default...
import {promises as fs} from 'fs';
import os from 'os';
import { parse } from 'csv-parse/sync';
* Creates a credential provider to pass to S3Client which reads a credentials
* CSV downloaded from the AWS console.
* @param csvFile string path of the CSV file from AWS console.
* @returns a Provider<Credentials> to give to S3Client as the credentials option.
export async function createProvider(csvFile) {
const content = await fs.readFile(csvFile);
// Parse the CSV content
const records = parse(content, {
columns: true
//console.log('cols', records)
return {
accessKeyId: records[records.length - 1]['Access key ID'],
secretAccessKey: records[records.length - 1]['Secret access key']
import {createProvider} from './CsvCredentialsProvider.mjs';
// Create an Amazon S3 service client object.
const s3Client = new SDK.S3Client({
region: REGION,
credentials: createProvider("new_user_credentials.csv")
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