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Olivier Dony odony

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odony /
Last active Aug 27, 2019
multi-company check
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Part of Odoo. See LICENSE file for full copyright and licensing details.
from odoo import fields, models, api, _
from odoo.exceptions import UserError
class StockPutawayRule(models.Model):
_name = 'stock.putaway.rule'
_order = 'sequence,product_id'
_description = 'Putaway Rule'
odony / decimal_precision.patch
Last active Jun 19, 2019
Decimal Precision compatibility patch
View decimal_precision.patch
diff --git odoo/addons/base/models/ odoo/addons/base/models/
index c1d00611d43..1bd34a804ce 100644
--- odoo/addons/base/models/
+++ odoo/addons/base/models/
@@ -2,8 +2,10 @@
# Part of Odoo. See LICENSE file for full copyright and licensing details.
from odoo import api, fields, models, tools
+import odoo.addons
odony / 1912199.patch
Created Feb 15, 2019
patch signature activity task 1912199
View 1912199.patch
diff --git sign/controllers/ sign/controllers/
index c535bff..217e888 100644
--- sign/controllers/
+++ sign/controllers/
@@ -258,8 +258,10 @@ class Sign(http.Controller):
return False
# mark signature as done in next activity
- user_id = http.request.env['res.users'].search([('partner_id', '=',]).id
- request_item.sign_request_id.activity_feedback(['mail.mail_activity_data_todo'], user_id=user_id)
odony /
Last active Jan 15, 2019
Python 3 JSON serialization of floats with chosen precision
import json
import decimal
import odoo
from import float_utils
from decimal import Decimal
# Version 0: BROKEN because float_round does not return the float with the shortest
# representation, so it will serialize as 211.70000000000002.
d = {'foo': float_utils.float_round(211.7, 1)}
odony / Community.txt
Last active Sep 27, 2018
Outdated POT files
View Community.txt
addons/l10n_ch/i18n_extra/l10n_ch.pot:770:#: model:ir.ui.view,arch_db:l10n_ch.l10n_ch_isr_report_template
addons/l10n_ch/i18n_extra/l10n_ch.pot:780:#: model:ir.ui.view,arch_db:l10n_ch.isr_invoice_search_view
addons/l10n_ch/i18n_extra/l10n_ch.pot:1011:#: model:ir.ui.view,arch_db:l10n_ch.isr_invoice_form
addons/l10n_ch/i18n_extra/l10n_ch.pot:1026:#: model:ir.ui.view,arch_db:l10n_ch.l10n_ch-isr_account_config_settings
addons/mrp_bom_cost/i18n/product_extended.pot:19:#: model:ir.ui.view,arch_db:product_extended.product_product_ext_form_view2
addons/mrp_bom_cost/i18n/product_extended.pot:20:#: model:ir.ui.view,arch_db:product_extended.product_product_view_form_easy_inherit_extended
addons/mrp_bom_cost/i18n/product_extended.pot:21:#: model:ir.ui.view,arch_db:product_extended.product_product_view_form_normal_inherit_extended
addons/mrp_bom_cost/i18n/product_extended.pot:26:#: model:ir.ui.view,arch_db:product_extended.product_product_ext_form_view2
addons/mrp_bom_cost/i18n/product_extended.pot:27:#: model:ir.ui.view,
odony / queries.sql
Last active May 12, 2018
Estimates for FK numbers in 11.0 runbot database (-all)
View queries.sql
321069-11-0-703290-all=# SELECT count(*) FROM information_schema.columns WHERE table_schema not in ('information_schema', 'pg_catalog');
(1 row)
321069-11-0-703290-all=> select count(*) from information_schema.key_column_usage cons where position_in_unique_constraint is not null;
odony / Analysis.sql
Last active Dec 9, 2018
10.0 stock.quant GROUP BY timings for translations
View Analysis.sql
10e=# SELECT (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM product_product), (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM stock_quant), (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM ir_translation);
count | count | count
41072 | 42082 | 409600
(1 row)
10e=# show work_mem;

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odony / groups_implied_perf.saas-16.patch
Created May 31, 2017
Perf patch for group management on databases with many users
View groups_implied_perf.saas-16.patch
diff --git odoo/addons/base/res/ odoo/addons/base/res/
index ae8863e..c3e3a41 100644
--- odoo/addons/base/res/
+++ odoo/addons/base/res/
@@ -624,8 +624,29 @@ class GroupsImplied(models.Model):
if values.get('users') or values.get('implied_ids'):
# add all implied groups (to all users of each group)
for group in self:
- vals = {'users': zip(repeat(4), group.with_context(active_test=False).users.ids)}
- super(GroupsImplied, group.trans_implied_ids).write(vals)
View sitemap generation multi-domains
diff --git a/addons/website/models/ b/addons/website/models/
index f630eef..7794ff8 100644
--- a/addons/website/models/
+++ b/addons/website/models/
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