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WWDC 2012 Apps in Banner
Please help complete and sort this list. These are the icons visible in the WWDC 2012 Banner. Roughly sorted by size.
alternate, high res pictures of the Banner:
Path -
Star Walk -
Instagram -
Foursquare -
Hulu+ -
Twitter -
Flight Control Rocket -
PBS for iPad
Bobo Explores Light -
Bejeweled -
Infinity Blade II -
Tweetbot -
Hero Academy -
Golfscape GPS Rangefinder -
CNN App for iPhone -
Nike+ Fuelband -
Nursery Rhymes with StoryTime -
Foodish -
FitFu 2 -
Square Card Reader -
Facebook -
Words with Friends HD Free-
Evernote -
Temple Run -
SpellTower -
StockTouch -
Toca Hair Salon -
Plan Grid -
SayHi Translate -
Linked In -
World of Goo -
Fandango -
Where's My Water -
Delievery Status Touch -
Airbnb -
Vogue Japan -
Osmos -
Netflix -
National Parks by National Geographic -
Cut the Rope -
mSecure -
GoWalla Offline - GoWalla Offline -

where in the banner did you see LinkedIn?


@Jilouc can you also give a hint where about in the banner you saw these?


World of Goo : left, vertically centered
Airbnb : above Vogue Japan (new icon since their last update)
Delivery Status Touch : below Linked In (near Temple Run), small icon

Osmos : next to Evernote
Netflix : next to Osmos


Where's My Water - (small icon, right next to Hero Academy)


Toca Hair Salon - (bottom right corner of Temple Run)


@Jilouc, you're on fire!


What about the STAR? I can't figure that one out...


The star was identified as
Nursery Rhymes with StoryTime -


FitFu was mentioned. Still need to verify.


I can confirm FitFu - (+ I worked on it)


GoWalla Offline confirmed, that's the red GÒ -

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