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Created September 30, 2015 12:21
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FAHClient config. file—/etc/fahclient/config.xml
<!-- See sample config: /usr/share/doc/fahclient/sample-config.xml -->
<!-- Client Control
Don't fold anonymously, provide user info. -->
<fold-anon v='false'/>
<!-- Folding Slot Configuration -->
<gpu v='true'/> <!-- If true, attempt to autoconfigure GPUs -->
<!-- Slot Control
Options: light, medium or full
Watch out for high load -->
<power v='full'/>
<!-- User Information
Send all those points to team NairobiLUG 229502 -->
<user v='James_Oguya'/>
<team v='229502'/>
<!-- Folding Slots -->
<!-- Use all the CPUs
Watch out for high load -->
<slot id='0' type='CPU'/>
<slot id='1' type='GPU'/>
<!-- Grant Remote Web Access
access web UI at -->
<!-- vim: set sw=2 ts=2: -->
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Thank you thank you for the GPU config help.

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Should be

  <allow v='' />
  <web-allow v='' />

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davidhcefx commented Apr 4, 2021

<!-- Folding Slot Configuration -->
<cpus v='1'>     <!-- How many CPUs a slot should use. <= 0 will use all the CPUs detected in the system. -->

<!-- Slot Control -->
<idle v='true'>  <!-- Only run slot when idle. -->

For more options, see this thread:

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