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Static data generation for Skypey.
const shortid = require("shortid"); // shortid.generate() returns a unique "short" id
const txtgen = require("txtgen"); // txtgen.sentence() returns random "readable" sentences
const faker = require("faker"); // faker is used for generating random fake data.
const _ = require("lodash"); // lodash is a utility lib for Javascript
const users = generateUsers(10);
export const contacts = _.mapKeys(users, "user_id");
export const getMessages = messagesPerUser => {
let messages = {};
_.forEach(users, user => {
messages[user.user_id] = {
..._.mapKeys(generateMsgs(messagesPerUser), "number")
return messages;
// just an example of how the state object is structured
export const state = {
user: generateUser(),
messages: getMessages(10),
typing: "",
activeUserId: null
* @returns {Object} - a new user object
export function generateUser() {
return {
profile_pic: faker.internet.avatar(),
status: txtgen.sentence(),
user_id: shortid.generate()
* @returns {Object} - a new message object
function generateMsg(number) {
return {
text: txtgen.sentence(),
is_user_msg: faker.random.boolean()
* @param {Number} numberOfUsers - the number of users to be generated
* @param {Function} generateUser - function that generates a single user
* @returns {Array} - an array of user objects with length n = numberOfUsers
function generateUsers(numberOfUsers) {
return Array.from({ length: numberOfUsers }, () => generateUser());
function generateMsgs(numberOfMsgs) {
return Array.from({ length: numberOfMsgs }, (v, i) => generateMsg(i));
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kraizt commented Aug 12, 2018

hello ohans, pardon me, but u didn't mention in book for required package need to be installed, I try manually finding it, but little worry installing wrong package 😅 hehe

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cicciogeppo88 commented Aug 20, 2018

Hello @kraizt , I sort it just calling from the console (once inside the project folder) 'yarn add shortId', 'yarn add txtgen', 'yarn add faker', 'yarn add lodash'. If you already installed node these packages are already in your environment , hope it will be useful !

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poonia commented Jan 9, 2019

use yarn add shortid txtgen faker lodash

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jonathanestabillo commented Feb 4, 2019

Hi Ohan! I'm having a syntax error on line 12 actually. I'm new at using lodash. I tried removing the three dots and I'm still getting the syntax error.

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hallucinogenizer commented Aug 23, 2022

Note that faker js has been discontinued by its creator.

I have written an alternate script that uses only Falso to generate the same content.

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