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clien board watcher
import json
import threading
import datetime
import re
import sqlite3
import requests
import log
from urllib.parse import urljoin, urlparse
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
from import Bot
class ClienWatcher:
def __init__(self, bot, db_path, table_name, url, update_interval_sec, match_func): = bot
self.db_path = db_path
self.db_table_name = table_name
self.url = url
self.update_interval_sec = update_interval_sec
self.match_func = match_func = False
def _init_db(self):
'DB를 초기화한다'
conn = sqlite3.connect(self.db_path)
cur = conn.cursor()
q = 'create table if not exists %s(Date TEXT, Subject TEXT, Contents TEXT, Sent INT)' % (self.db_table_name)
def start(self):
'감시를 시작한다'
if not = True
def stop(self):
'감시를 중단한다'
if = False
def status(self):'db_path: %s' % self.db_path)'db_table_name: %s' % self.db_table_name)'watching url: %s' % self.url)'update interval sec: %d' % self.update_interval_sec)
def _update(self):
'현재 페이지를 크롤링하고 매치되면 추적 단계로 보낸다'
if not
resp = requests.get(self.url)
if resp.status_code == 200:
html = resp.text
soup = BeautifulSoup(html, 'html.parser')
items ='div.item')
for item in items:
subject_elem ='a.list-subject')[0]
subject = subject_elem.string.strip()
contents_url = subject_elem['href']
date ='span.timestamp')[0].string.strip()
if self.match_func(date, subject):
self._on_detect(date, subject, contents_url)
threading.Timer(self.update_interval_sec, self._update).start() # 다음 업데이트 예약
def _is_relative_url(self, url):
'주어진 url이 상대경로인가 절대경로인가?'
if not bool(urlparse(url).netloc):
return True
return False
def _get_contents_from_url(self, url):
'게시물에서 문자 컨텐츠만 추출한다'
if self._is_relative_url(url):
url = urljoin(self.url, url)
resp = requests.get(url)
if resp.status_code == 200:
html = resp.text
soup = BeautifulSoup(html, 'html.parser')
doc ='')
plain_text_contents = doc[0].select('body')[0].get_text()
return plain_text_contents
return ''
def _summary(self, contents, length=140):
'문장을 짧게 줄이고 줄넘김을 제거한다'
summary = ''
if len(contents) > length:
summary = contents[0:length]
summary = contents
summary = summary.replace('\n', ' ')
return summary
def _on_detect(self, date, subject, contents_url):
'게시물이 추적대상인 경우에 호출된다'
conn = sqlite3.connect(self.db_path)
cur = conn.cursor()
q = 'select count(*) from %s' % (self.db_table_name) + ' where Date=? and Subject=?'
cur.execute(q, (date, subject))
(count, ) = cur.fetchone()
new_post = count <= 0
if new_post:
contents = self._get_contents_from_url(contents_url) # 본문 내용을 읽어온다
# db에 저장
q = 'insert into %s(Date, Subject, Contents, Sent)' % (self.db_table_name) + ' values (?, ?, ?, ?)'
cur.execute(q, (date, subject, contents, 1) )'[INSERT] date: "%s", subject: "%s"' % (date, subject))
# 메시지 전송
bot.broadcast('제목: %s\n%s (...)' % (subject, self._summary(contents)))
def keyword_match_func(date, subject, contents=None):
'제목에 특정 키워드가 들어있으면 True'
keywords = ['.*토르.*']
for keyword in keywords:
if bool(re.match(keyword, subject)):
return True
return False
if __name__ == '__main__':
db_path = 'd:/project/a/src/db/clien.db'
interval = 60 # sec
bot = Bot(token='000000000:aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa', db_path=db_path, update_interval_sec=interval)
watcher = ClienWatcher(bot=bot, db_path=db_path, table_name='board_park', url='', update_interval_sec=interval, match_func=keyword_match_func)
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